At James Mason Centers for Recovery, we believe that healing is possible. We know that this healing requires a balance of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.


“If mental and emotional issues can be addressed early enough, the results can be phenomenal and enduring. We can potentially spare the child and family years of suffering if these unhealthy patterns are interrupted and not transferred into adulthood.”

—Trisa McBride CEO & President

Spiritual and activity-based components are built into the treatment process and are fundamental to our program. These, in connection with play therapy, have been shown to expand self-expression, self-knowledge and self-confidence. Play relieves feelings of stress, boredom, anxiety and connects us to others in a deep and positive way. Play stimulates creative thinking, exploration and regulates emotions naturally!

JMCR specializes in treating all unhealthy coping skills which render a teen out of control including: food, self-harm, pornography, gaming, substance abuse, and suicidal ideation. Our approach to treatment is refreshing, innovative, and focuses on healing from the inside out.

Our view of healing addresses a combination of issues stemming from the following components:

1. Genetics & Chemical Imbalances
2. Unresolved Trauma
3. Limiting Belief Systems
4. Unhealthy Coping Skills

We believe that there is something more than what has yet been experienced available in the healing of addiction. Therefore we are an evolving and changing company. We believe that by being willing to step outside the box, we allow for the unfolding of greatness in those we serve. In turn, we bless ourselves, our community and our world.

We never stop learning.

We never stop listening.