Trisa McBride

Trisa McBride, President/CEO

Trisa is the Founder and President of James Mason Centers for Recovery. After the death of her son James Mason in 2014, Trisa dedicated her life to sparing others the pain her family had suffered through watching James struggle with depression, anxiety and eventually addiction. Trisa brought her heart and soul to her mission of creating a program to empower and heal teens and their families.

Trisa moved to Alaska in 1987 and then 10 years later to Texas. Trisa’s love for business inspired her to create a successful company in both states during the next 17 years. In 2004, Trisa moved back to Salt Lake City and went into sales while she dedicated herself to taking care of her four children. Eventually Management called her name and she was once again part of creating success in a business. Trisa was the Utah Market Culture Trainer/Manager for a worldwide Company. She developed and implemented a program based on the new culture of the company. As part of her contribution, she wrote a manual describing the elements, purpose and power of the culture and how to implement it into the operations of the business. This manual was used as a platform in creating sweeping changes in multiple markets throughout the country. Trisa also developed and conducted sales trainings for the Utah Market Sales Force.

Trisa’s overall motto is, “Everything works when based on a foundation of complete and unwavering Integrity”. Part of being in integrity is living in your power as your authentic self and creating an atmosphere where others are able to do the same.