Happy Birthday James!

Happy Birthday Sweet James…

Twenty four years ago today, you entered my life, a beautiful baby boy that would teach me a new definition of love.

James, there was something about your pure innocence that caused me to spend many years experiencing what I came to know as an ache in my heart every time I looked at you. An ache brought on by a love so intense that I could not hold it…and it never went away.

I see this center that we have created as our gift to you as well as your gift to us!

It honors who you are and allows you to continue the life path of healing others that you were so incredibly passionate about! Your gift to us…allowing us to save another person’s child…another family again and again! The healing and joy that follows the grief…it is a gift that shows your hand and allows your spirit to constantly be present in its creation.

Thank you James…you have not left us after all!

Love, Mom

Divine PurposeBy James Mason

I am grateful for every breath I breathe…

This blissful peace is all I need…

To free my soul from its mind made cage

Life is a book, and I am finally turning the f……. page

I see only Reverence for the game I create

Words cannot convey what I shame myself for

attempting to say

No longer must I live vicariously through pain and


I openly welcome the destiny…

Before my first breath

I no longer fear the illusion of death

I am free

I thank the universe from my knees…

Please reveal my divine purpose

I have died in every moment….

Waiting for this