JMCR Offers an Accredited Schooling Program

James Mason Centers for Recovery offers a fully accredited school curriculum for your child to help them get caught up on credits while getting the help they need to be able to go back and take on their life in a new and empowered way. Under most circumstances we can enroll your student and match up credits anytime of the year so waiting for the quarter/semester break is not needed on order to protect their earned credits. JMCR’s education team has over 20 years of experience in assisting trouble teens to with credit recovery and getting on the path to academic success.

Because our classes are small (never more than 10 students per teacher) your child has the potential to make greater strides academically in a shorter amount of time than they may have in a less personalized setting.

Your child can earn (.25) credits per quarter in the following courses

• Mathematics – Basic math, Secondary I & II, Geometry, Algebra II
• Language Arts – 9-12, Reading
• Social Studies – Geography, US & World History
• Sciences – Physical science, biology

They can also accumulate 4 course credits (.25 per quarter) in the following areas due to participation in our program

• Physical Education
• Group Interaction
• Psychchology
• Adult Roles

In addition to the daily classes and credits toward graduation, your child will receive the following services:

• 10 to 1 student teacher ratio
• Administrative reports: Mid-term progress reports and end of quarter report cards
• Progress to Graduation for senior students
• Teacher attendance at therapy staff meetings, as requested
• Educational consulting with students and parents
• Parent-teacher conferences

Our teachers are trained in appropriate strategies to meet the educational, and developmental needs of your child.

We prepare your child to return to their school with the ability to confidently meet challenges that may have been overwhelming in the past

• We strive to allow our students to reconnect with their love of learning
• We understand that there are individual learning styles and we accommodate your child’s in a way that is respectful and builds social and academic confidence
• We recognize” outside the box” learning opportunities, using them to develop an intrinsic desire to learn in our students
• We offer a safe and physically comfortable environment to promote learning
• Our students learn successful social skills and experience quality peer interactions while in the program.