Am I Making It Worse? – How our punishments are creating our problems

How well are your current discipline techniques working? Do you find yourself using the same ‘tried and tested’ methods time and time again, expecting different results? Believe it or not, there is a reason those outdated punishments, consequences and restrictions aren’t getting you the results you think they should. Ross Greene is introducing a new […]

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Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong

When working with Adolescents, it is so important to remember that the behavior is only a symptom of the problem. Teens, like adults, yearn for connection. When they are making healthy connections, they are thriving…conversely, when they are cut off from community and bonding, they reach out in unhealthy and destructive ways. Johann makes a […]

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6 Easy steps to better communication with your teen

Healthy communication is a worthy goal to aspire to in any relationship. Whether it is between friends, colleagues, spouses, or parents, we all strive to understand and to be understood. It isn’t until we have a breakdown in communication that we come to realize just how vital clear connections are to our sense of well-being. […]

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